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“Tim and Tom” published in DERACINE pages 77 and 78 3-7 5 001


“A Family Unit” published in Necessary Fiction 3-23 1 001

“The Bizarre Case of Klara” published in The Cabinet of Heed

photos 2-24 5 001


“Mildred Attempts Suicide” and “Aquarium” published in Riggwelter #5

7-22 1 001

“Everyone Wears Glasses” and “Before the Party Began” published in Red Queen Literary Magazine These are scanned and manipulated vintage slides. It’s a PDF so some scrolling is required, but one comes up pretty quickly.5-11 1 002

This is one, but not one from the magazine.

“Eating Out” published in Occulum Cap

“Bozo Junior” published in ELLIPSIS ZINE