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“The Bizarre Case of Klara” published in The Cabinet of Heed

photos 2-24 5 001



“Mildred Attempts Suicide” and “Aquarium” published in Riggwelter #5

7-22 1 001

“Everyone Wears Glasses” and “Before the Party Began” published in Red Queen Literary Magazine These are scanned and manipulated vintage slides. It’s a PDF so some scrolling is required, but one comes up pretty quickly.5-11 1 002

This is one, but not one from the magazine.

“Eating Out” published in Occulum Cap

“Bozo Junior” published in ELLIPSIS ZINE


HAYDEN AND CANDICE ARE DRINKERS published in Brilliant Flash Fiction


“Beryl and Ned Live in a Tiny House” published in Big Windows

face in cup

photo by Georgia Bellas